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Can Blues get off to a winning start Vs The Blades?

On Saturday night, Birmingham City's EFL Championship campaign will begin. Bowyer's side will begin the season with an away trip to newly relegated, … Read More
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Transfer Profile – Dion Sanderson

This afternoon, Blues announced the loan acquisition of Wolves defender Dion Sanderson. Sanderson will join Blues on a one year loan and should … Read More
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Player Profile – Jon Leko

In this Series, we will be taking an in depth look at a portion of Birmingham City players, today's profile is of young English attacker, Jonathan … Read More
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Transfer Profile – Jordan Graham

Blues announced their second signing of the summer this afternoon, one day after their first. Goalscoring winger Jordan Graham has been officially … Read More

A detailed look at Ryan Woods

This afternoon, Blues announced the first signing of the summer transfer window, former Stoke midfielder - Ryan Woods. The deep lying Centre-Mid has … Read More

Birmingham City released and retained list

This morning Birmingham City confirmed the list of players that have been released and those who have signed a new deal. In this article we are going … Read More